Bridging the transportation gap


The Transportation Advisory Group and our network of community partners are dedicated to meeting the transportation needs of Linn County by offering a variety of transportation options. Our priority is to ensure every person has access to reliable and accessible transportation. Although we do not directly provide transportation services, we work closely with the groups in our community who do and help coordinate their efforts. Our main service area is Linn County, Iowa and we primarily serve older adults, people with disabilities and those with low incomes; although we are here to support anyone that needs assistance coordinating or using local transportation systems. We also work with groups, organizations or companies which can help identify and meet our community’s transportation needs.



How we help...

At 365ride, we help community members get where they need to go. This includes: Using Public Transit Services, Doctors Appointments, Grocery Shopping Shuttles, Evening Rides to Work and School. There are a variety of other ways we can help. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.





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At 365ride, it's our vision that all citizens are informed of and have access to coordinated, safe and effective transportation services that promote independence and enhance their quality of life.